Catch the Poke at Honu

by Pingkan Palilingan
17th March 2017
Featuring only poké bowls paired with matcha drinks, Honu is deservingly one of the best spots in Jakarta to enjoy this Hawaiian dish.

Ever heard of poke bowl? No, it has nothing to do with Pokemon. Pronounced “po-kay”, poke bowl is a dish originated in Hawaii and has absorbed plenty of Japanese influence. The dish features chunks of fresh raw fish tossed with soy sauce and sesame oil with greens sitting on a bed of sushi rice. To put it simply, it’s a deconstructed sushi.

Poke-craze has taken over major metropolis in the US for a couple of years, and the trend has reached Jakarta’s shore rather recently. Taking up that baton is Honu, a joint that dedicates itself fully for this dish. As a self-proclaimed poke and matcha bar, Honu provides a friendly introduction to the dish, especially for those unfamiliar of the dish.

To start with, their menu offers a handful of variety that is downright uncomplicated. Fans of tuna? Meet Honu-Lulu. Salmon-inclined? Opt for Yugo. Can’t decide? Have both with Two & Two. Then choose between having them with brown or white sushi rice. True, while most of the highlighted dishes feature raw food, other options are also available under the “Not-So-Poké” section of the menu, catering to those who prefer their food cooked.

Aside from being a poke expert, Honu’s “matcha bar” title is not given without any purpose. Simply take a look at their drinks menu; there you’ll find matcha-based beverages, from the refreshing Ginger Lemon Matcha to the comforting Matcha Latte, which each was made using matcha powder that is sourced directly from Kagoshima, Japan.

With both poke and matcha on their hands, it’s not tough to guess where the establishment sources its characteristics from. Embodying the vibrant colours of poke bowl and matcha, Honu is dressed in a Hawaiian laid-backness mixed with Japanese simplicity. Expect to see cheerful hues of dark green and pink, plenty of potted greeneries as well as an ukulele that is available for customers to borrow. With this establishment delivering poke bowl in a funky way, there’s no doubt that Honu will become the byword for poké in Jakarta any time soon.