HONU Goes Central

by Erdira Wirengjurit
2nd March 2018
For its second home, HONU is venturing to Menteng where it serves their popular poké bowls in the centre of the metropole from day to night.

Only a year since establishing its first joint in Kemang, HONU, the first poké bowl restaurant in Jakarta, has picked Menteng as its second location to spread the poké-love. The second branch of HONU is catering to the vibes of a bustling metropole that is Jakarta. Unlike the one in Kemang where pots of greeneries and rattan furniture set the mood for a tropical laidback-ness, the newer home is subduing the tropics by opting for minimalistic booths, chairs and tables to match the metropolitan vibes.

The two-storey establishment naturally welcomes a stream of white-collars and students from around the neighbourhood. While some may prefer to have their poké bowls delivered for lunch, it’s actually worth visiting the venue to soak in the atmosphere. While the lower floor says quick and easy, the enclosed upper level is a cosy and effortless space to linger in. Like a mini getaway, you will be welcomed into an entrancing little corner to wind down at any meal.

Talking about identity, HONU wouldn’t be what it is without the funky poké bowls and fun matcha drinks. Whether it’s the “Super Bowl” or “Torched,” you will find any of your HONU favourites on offer along the refreshing burst of “Ginger Lemon Matcha” in the central Jakarta branch as well. However, exclusively offered in HONU Central are the “Tempeh Bowl” with lightly fried tempeh and pickled veggies and “Spiced Matcha Latte” with hints of cinnamon and turmeric, best enjoyed on a lazy afternoon.

The second branch of HONU is a well-awaited addition. Only a year after opening its doors in Kemang, the popular establishment is reaching out further to share the love it has for poké and matcha. With more Jakartans on its reach, HONU is finally the byword for poké in the city.