Retreat to HONU BSD

by Erdira Wirengjurit
11th March 2019
Lucky for BSD residents that HONU settles in The Breeze to further spread the love for poké bowls from a sleek and homey third home.

Ever since HONU took on the city with their notorious command on poké, plenty of eateries have followed suit with their own remakes of the dish, yet no one has come close to strip HONU of its title as the by-word for poké bowls. After Kemang and Menteng, HONU heads out of town for a retreat in The Breeze BSD.

It’s in this outdoor mall that HONU settles for its third home, bearing a remarkably different vibe yet akin to the establishment’s image: cosy and effortless. Unlike the first two outlets where the flow of crowd is on the move for a grab ‘n go, the mood in the latest HONU draws you in to appreciate your meal for just a while longer. It emulates a backyard, a sleek and homey one where one would frequent for a leisurely afternoon in the shades. Your time here is sure to be sheltered from the sweltering outdoors and most likely with an irresistible glass of cold matcha latte, yet another thing they finesse.

Any of your favourite HONU bowls is certainly on offer. It’s understandable why you would have a soft spot for the flame-roasted salmon Torched and the crowd’s go-to Two & Two. Therefore, why not switch it up for a bowl of Swish with salmon and tuna garnished with almond flakes and pumpkin seeds or the Wayo Mayo if you like a tingling sensation from the wasabi mayo. It’s only right to wash it down with matcha, like the Pink Matcha whose taste is as lovely as its appearance.

Plus, who hasn’t heard of HONU? It’s their consistence in wholesome poké bowls and matcha that put their name on the map, afterall. In the onset of this success, HONU does right to stretch the poké love all the way to BSD.