Holy Smokes: A Homage to Texas BBQ

by Ayu Swasti Amandari
12th January 2016
Holy Smokes reintroduces Texas barbecue in the most proper way, just like the way they do it in the region it was born.

If there is one cuisine that hasn’t been explored well enough and done right in Jakarta, Texas-style barbecue would be the answer. Luckily, for those who have an appetite for this delicacy need not to worry because Holy Smokes gives the right amount of attention this cuisine deserves.

Opened in July 2015, Holy Smokes is situated at the busy streets of Wolter Monginsidi and it is also the sibling to the famous crab hotspot, The Holy Crab. Though barbecue is a word that is familiar to us already, Holy Smokes introduces the “real” Texas-style slow-smoked BBQ, where the meat is cooked “low and slow’” – smoking them at low temperature for long hours in the house’s own smoke machine using only the highest quality of solid, dry wood – which is exactly how Texas barbecue is mastered in the States.

Their menu, though limited, cohesively signifies their no-fuss and respectful approach to classic Texas BBQ, such as the Texas Short Ribs (US or Australian beef), which is smoked up to 14 hours, and the  Smoky Wagyu Brisket with two options whether you want it lean or fatty. Those who are craving for something a bit more than just protein, then opt for their Pulled Brisket Sandwich. And it wouldn’t be a complete BBQ meal without some sides, which ranges from the good ol’ mac and cheese, coleslaw, baked beans to some fresh potato salad. Be sure to add a dash of their homemade barbecue sauce, though the marinated beef is already flavourful as it is. Customers would also be delighted to know of the restaurant’s free-flow policy of soda and iced tea.

With a straightforward interior that is dominated with wood, guests would immediately find themselves at ease in this restaurant. That’s also partly thanks to their fast-food look-a-like counter, where customers order and pick up their food by themselves.

Holy Smokes has what it takes to amuse patrons – look for their foosball table or swing by on Friday night for their weekly Beer Pong tournament. But of course, nothing would entertain you more than their Texas BBQ, solidifying the Holy Smokes as the ideal spot where you can sit back, relax, have a bit of fun with your pals while devouring some authentic Southern goodness.