Comforting Familiarity at Harapan Djaya

by Sandy Indahsari
11th July 2017
In Harapan Djaya, familiar traditional drinks like Kopi Susu and Es Coklat Pisang Susu share the same spotlight with the usual coffee options.

The people behind Coffee Smith, Say Something and Pigeonhole Coffee have joined forces and ventured on a new establishment that is decidedly more laidback and closer to home than those three coffee shops.

Harapan Djaya could be easily mistaken as a construction shop due to its name as well as its location in Panglima Polim, which is filled with shophouses dealing in builders tools, home fit-outs and electronic devices. But such familiarity from the name is comforting and further buoyed by the establishment’s compact space and friendly baristas. You could have already foreseen your next visit here.

When it comes to coffee, the selection offered reminds one of the simple beverages found in “Warung Kopi” (coffee stalls), from Kopi Seduh, Kopi Susu to Es Kopi Krim, which is iced coffee mixed with cream. The latter is one of the sweeter options and provides an entry point for those who might want to give coffee a chance.

The sentimentality is also extended to their non-coffee drinks. For example, Tjampur Sari (Tjampolay’s fruit syrup served with Yakult and soda) calls to mind the kind of satisfying fizzy drink after a long day back in primary school. Of course, coffee enthusiasts will be happy to know that customary choices of coffee are offered here too.

Regardless of the reason, Harapan Djaya easily appeals to all kind of visitors. Whether it’s revisiting your childhood with Es Coklat Pisang Susu (cold chocolate milk mixed with banana syrup) or having freshly batch-brew at the coffee bar, it will certainly keep you buzzing.