An Indian Zest at Gunpowder Kitchen & Bar

by Elizabeth Sihombing
20th September 2019
With vibrant colourful dishes that pack Indian flavours, Gunpowder Kitchen and Bar will undoubtedly jolt the senses in more ways than one at your next feast.

If there’s one cuisine that can match the Indonesian mastery of spice concoction to create dishes that pack the flavours, perhaps Indian food is it. To wit, Gunpowder Kitchen and Bar lives up to its fiery nature by serving dishes that carry Indian spices that will jolt the tastebuds.

The wafting smell of Indian food and the colours that jump off the plates undoubtedly lures the senses to Gunpowder. From their appetizers to desserts, you will be blasted with recognisable flavour pairings that all work together. The menu serves a contemporary twist to India’s most popular dishes. The Spinach Paneer, a bath of paneer cheese in green curry is best eaten with Gunpowder’s plate of assorted naan breads that includes classically plain naan, garlic, and even cheese filled ones. The brightly red coloured Chicken Tikka (marinated chicken) will pair just as well with the signature Indian flatbread should you want a tikka that ticks. While you wash it all down with a warming cup of Chai tea or a refreshing Mango Lassi, look into the Oulfi Popsicles for dessert as well.

The atmosphere itself also carries a touch of brightness, but in more subtle tones. Guests are encouraged to dine family style – with large wooden tables, intricately designed couches, and inviting music, all mixed in with brightly coloured knick-knacks – and relax. Maybe the best part of the atmosphere is the backdrop of the setting. Tucked in the corner of Plaza Indonesia Mall right across the Selamat Datang Monument, or previously known as the HI roundabout area, the views of the city will look grand whether dining here during lunch or dinner with your party.

Gunpowder never claimed to be traditionally Indian, still it brings something different to the table without overlooking its roots. Michelin-starred Executive Chef Manjunath Mural, hailing from Singapore, helms the kitchen by bringing into Jakarta a taste of his memories in a way that we all will appreciate. For those still questioning whether they will like Indian cuisine, this may be the place that will help bridge the gap.