Tuck Into Greenery

by Erdira Wirengjurit
6th June 2018
At Greenery, wholesome healthy bowls pack a satisfying and nutritious punch with the inclusion of their home-made ingredients, such as peanut and almond butter.

Whether it’s a 30-minute daily walk or a cutback on carbs, every small positive change that we adopt will contribute to the body’s overall well-being. For some, that change begins with the food they consume by opting for healthier grubs and Greenery certainly knows a thing or two about healthy meals.

When it comes to fulfilling meals, the thought of indulging in a bowl full of greens may not sit so well with your preferences. But at Greenery, the salad and grain bowls offer more than colourful mix ways of veggies; each dish comes with a goodful of nutrients the body needs with savour that excite the palate.

Greenery subscribes to the idea that everything can be made healthier. For example, why rely on an abundance of salt seasoning if spices and herbs can do a better task, minus the risk of damaging your health? Plus, everything is made in-house and locally-sourced, so patrons can indulge without the guilt.

The joint comes with a “make-your-own” bowl option that you can customise to suit your liking, but their signatures are hard to beat. If you enjoy the jolt of spiciness in your meals, you’ll do well with Dancing Salsa with a homemade chipotle dressing and rye tortilla over a bed of greens. On the heartier side, Madu Mustard comes with a bed of quinoa, veggies, grilled chicken and a honey mustard dressing to tie the entire dish together. To round it all up, there are super smoothies that come with a nutritious blend of fresh ingredients – perfect for grab-and-go after a session at a nearby gym.

As the eatery is located in a wellness and lifestyle compound in Senopati, it feels natural to head to Greenery after a session of pilates at Breathe Studio or a beauty touch-up at Dandelion. It was only a few years ago when finding an eatery geared towards healthier grubs was a stretch of a task. Luckily, it’s not the case anymore and an addition like Greenery promises an easier lifestyle kickstart to healthier habits.