A Prescribed Visit to Gordi

by Erdira Wirengjurit
28th January 2019
Away from the leisurely picnic Gordi has been known for, the coffee shop serves up uncompromised coffee to nearby white collars and digital nomads in Arkadia Green Park where business feels atmospheric and unhasty.

By now, coffee enthusiasts must have grown familiar with Gordi for the coffee affairs they’ve brought to the city. Add to that, the Gordi HQ coffee shop in Jeruk Purut is popular among the youth where the leisurely picnics come with pleasant grubs and uncompromised cuppas. To say the least, cinching a spot there isn’t always easy with the flow of picnic-goers and coffee connoisseurs flocking the site each day.

That’s why it comes in quite handy for Gordi to add a new settlement not too far from its HQ, that is in Arkadia Green Park building where the café is imbued with work vibes for nearby white collars and the digital nomads. Shaded in the same Gordi palette, the venue here reads more business-like but nonetheless atmospheric with plenty of potted greeneries adorning the place.

In the AMs, you’ll spot streams of customers come by for their morning dose. By noon, expect nearby office workers come settling in for lunch and the buzz goes into the afternoon with small groups chatting business over more coffee.

Of which, everything one may love about Gordi HQ, be it coffee or food, is found here as well. Among the list of mouth-watering fares, one might go for hearty dishes such as their Roasted Chicken served with potato mash, gravy and a bed of greens or low-carb, high-protein Beef Salad served roasted with chimichurri.

Coffee, of course, is mostly an unskippable affair because when in Gordi, you know that you’re in good hands. After all, Gordi claims itself to be the first coffee subscription company in Indonesia.

With this branch, Gordi took on a different mindset that we all can appreciate. It’s safe to say that whenever the HQ is tight that day and you need to work up towards meeting your deadline, rest assured that you would find your refuge in Gordi Arkadia.