The New Homely Goni Coffee

by Erdira Wirengjurit
10th July 2018
In a calm housing neighbourhood in Pondok Indah, Goni Coffee's second home is serving as a hideout for those who yearn for some downtime in a restful setting.

If Goni Coffee in Kemang Timur is geared towards early-risers seeking for that needed caffeine kickstart, Goni’s second home in a housing neighbourhood in Pondok Indah is clearly heading for the opposite direction with its homey location.

If you were to stroll down Jl. Pinang Emas V where Goni is located, you may need to look twice to find the café. The coffee shop is assuming a two-storey house with a revamped interior for a café whilst keeping the house façade. If not for the “Goni” sign hanging on the overhanging porch roof, then it would be natural to speculate it as another family home in the neighbourhood.

Even then, the interior space with its handful of tables and a coffee bar oozes a sense of comfort for visitors. The buzzing atmosphere of a typical coffee shop is quietly subdued by the feel of tranquility of a home. And upon settling down in one of the spots, the contagious restful ambiance won’t take long to get you winding down with a hot cup of coffee.

Speaking of which, coffee enthusiasts will be glad to know that Goni’s coffee options don’t differ from its first home in Kemang. On the other hand, expect a few new additions for its food items, namely for brunch and lunch times. To wit, Goni now serves the ever-popular Avocado on Toast, and also Cheese Toast for smaller bites. If you linger long enough, that is bound to call for a bigger meal; which in case, look no further than fail-proof options such as Nasi Goreng (fried rice) or Goni’s special treat: Nasi Goreng Kebuli.

More is yet to be unveiled about Goni’s new home; after all, it’s a two-storey house with a mysterious second floor and exciting plans for it in the making. But for the time being, Goni Coffee in Pondok Indah is bound to become the neighborhood’s go-to hideout at any time.