Homely Indian Flavours at Gokul Resto

By Cindy Julia Tobing
8th January 2020
Staying true to its roots, the concealed Gokul Resto at Pasar Baru offers a vegetarian Indian feast which bursts in rich and authentic flavours that will thrill even the picky eaters.

One of the city’s oldest shopping center, Pasar Baru, is known to house a jumble of culinary gems; from old-time food joints to newer restaurant chains, there’s a little bit of everything to tantalise the taste buds. One that might surprise even the picky eaters is Gokul Resto, whose vegetarian rendition of Indian cuisine bursts with rich and authentic flavours.

Since 2009, Gokul has been dishing out Indian staples along with few local grubs from the fourth floor of the Wijaya Musik building, a stone’s throw away from Pasar Baru’s main entrance. The modest restaurant doesn’t hide its no-frill abode with simple furnishings and here-and-there decorations, but in return pleasing patrons with a savoury meal that takes the time to be served for a fresh and elaborate taste.

Cooked and served from the kitchen that knows the food by heart, there’s bounty of options for the taking. Although Gokul’s vegetarian tag might intimidate some, with all the exciting, punchy flavours, one would not think twice to chow down every bit of it.

Take the Vegetarian Mutton Claypot Biryani, where the mixed rice dish is served with raitha (an Indian condiment made from salted yoghurt, mixed together with a variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs), while the mutton—and all the meat-based dishes—is made of soy. There’s also Paneer Tikka Masala, a vegetarian alternative of the popular chicken dish, served with marinated cheese in spiced curry. If one’s up for a fresher, do indulge in Strawberry or Mango Lassi, a fruity yogurt-based drink reminiscent of a milkshake.  To pair with the gloomy weather, do try the Masala Chai, another of Indian classic beverage of flavoured tea brewed with aromatic spices and herbs.

Vegetarian cuisine need not be bland, as it may usually be perceived, and the eatery’s conviction of packing every cuisine with a strong punch of flavours, while still sticking to the whole-food approach, is something even the fussy eaters can get behind. To add, there’s always something comforting about home-made and fresh produced meal for a hearty feasting.