From Farmers to Kopi Perempuan Tani

by Sharrona Valezka
30th September 2021
In a mission to champion local female farmers, Kopi Perempuan Tani takes the form of a coffee shop and marketplace hybrid and indulges patrons with delectable local brews, traditional bites, and fresh goods directly sourced from local farming communities.

Lately, we’ve been witnessing the evolution of coffee houses from a place where patrons can find solace in a cuppa to a functional establishment that goes beyond serving caffeinated goods. For Kopi Perempuan Tani, they extend their space to host a marketspace where they stock fresh produce and pantry staples sourced from local farmers and SMEs.

Founded by Dian Novita Susanto, the Chairwoman of Perempuan Tani, a faction within the organisation of Himpunan Kerukunan Tani Indonesia, Kopi Perempuan Tani was built on the intention to support local farmers and businesses who experienced a significant loss of income as a result of the pandemic.

As a new addition to the city’s burgeoning coffee-scape, Kopi Perempuan Tani’s joint in Gandaria entices visitors with their two-storey space that boasts a clean interior embellished with wooden and rattan ornaments, and traditional trinkets that accentuate their pastoral  identity as a local business made for and with local devotion.

Inside, the marketplace hub welcomes you. Championing locally-sourced goods, Pasar Perempuan Tani serves as a bridge between producers and consumers. Displayed on the shop window are various fresh produce, pantry staples and traditional snacks collected from the local traders of the non-profit. Under this theme, they also boast a small selection of handicrafts, textiles and kitchenware. Lucky if you find something nice to snatch for your home or vanity, but if not, the perk of boutique marketplaces is their quality to surprise with new unexpected finds in your later visits. 

True to their mission, their kitchen also reap the benefits of their local produce. For a taste of Kopi Perempuan Tani’s locally-sourced coffee beans, have a go at their signature Kopi Susu Pandan Wangi (pandan infused latte), or dwell in their refreshing jamu instead to revitalize your stamina after a long day at work. Whichever you choose, don’t forget to sample their old-school Indonesian snack platters. The Jajanan Pasar Platter (kue balapis pandan, kue lumpang hijau and kue lumpur surga) is worth recommending for its selection of time-honoured treats, sourced daily from traditional markets.

On top of their local brews and nostalgic traditional nibbles, it was their well-thought concept and intentions that distinguishes Kopi Perempuan Tani. Since their opening at the height of the pandemic, Kopi Perempuan Tani continues to attract patrons with their offerings, eventually achieving what it set out to be: an exchange hub that provides consumers with direct access to local resources.