by Ayu Swasti Amandari
15th February 2019
Whether it's lunch meeting or unwinding over afterwork drinks, FLYNN Dine & Bar in Mega Kuningan hits the spot with its range of contemporary fares, all housed in a British pub-inspired ambience.

Mega Kuningan is known as one of the city’s busiest business districts teeming with its flock of white-collar executives. As such, the district is filled with establishments ready to offer a convenient spot for those business casual meetings and lunch over non-fussy fare. And it is places like FLYNN Dine & Bar that keeps one up on their toes in their search for a good meal.

Fronting the Menara Rajawali office building, FLYNN breathes a composed ambience in dim lighting. The restaurant paints an image of a modern-age British pub that goes along with its deep colourway of green and brown. Though it welcomes meetings and typical business affairs, the venue still strikes as a place suitable for casual gathering.

FLYNN is run by co-owner and chef Yulius Novin. An alumnus from Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney, he was inspired by the multiculturalism that makes up the city’s F&B scene. Indeed, you’ll see bits and pieces of Japan, Italy, France and Indonesian cuisine throughout FLYNN’s menu.

For starters, the Bebek Betutu Tacos, a duck tacos topped with urap (a medley of seasoned steamed veggies with coconut shavings) and sambal matah, is a great way to spice up your appetite. For your main meal, who wouldn’t love some Crispy Pork Belly? Alongside a pear slaw and smooth potato purée. Equally as appetising is an enticing Scallop Truffle Risotto with mushrooms and parmesan.

For dessert, the Bolu Tape is the clear winner, where the sweet fermented cassava sponge cake comes with coconut sorbet and coconut meringue. And to suit the white-collars of Mega Kuningan, FLYNN cordially hosts your cocktail spree throughout the day and evening. Have a glass of the Purple Rain or Thyme for Yuzu, or any of their signature cocktails to order from the bar.

Good food, good drinks and good ambience; FLYNN’s got them all in the bag. Especially for those in the area longing to wind down after a day’s worth of work, FLYNN is definitely an easy option to gravitate towards.