The Flavours of Bangka in Waha Kitchen

by Julius Kensan
23rd January 2015
Waha Kitchen introduces new menu featuring Bangka delicacies that brought the flavours of the island in East Sumatra closer to all Jakartans.

Even though one might be able to pinpoint the exact location of Bangka on the map, chances are one is still pretty clueless to the authentic culinary of the island lying in East of Sumatra.

Ever since its launch, Waha Kitchen has always been known for championing Peranakan cuisine in Jakarta’s bustling F&B scene. And now, it is looking to expand and diversify the Peranakan cuisine by introducing new menu that features authentic Bangka delicacies.

Headed by Bangka chefs, Eddrian Tjhin and Firman Bachtiar, the new menu opens diners’ eyes (or in this case, palate) to the various and exciting flavours that Indonesian cuisine has to offer. At the same time, the dishes also highlighted a common preference amongst Indonesians for rich seasonings and spice.

Oxtail Lempah (oxtail cutlets cooked in traditional yellow soup flavoured with tamarind and shrimp paste) hits all the right spot with its satisfying mix of sour and spicy soup.

In addition, diners also get to have a taste on Kulat Pelawan (a species of mushroom that grows on Pelawan tree, which can only be found in Bangka). It is a popular ingredient in Bangka as it’s seasonal and thus is only usually served on special occasions. One of the ways the unusual mushroom is served is in the form of soup, Lempah Kulat Pelawan (free range chicken and Jamur Kulat cooked in yellow soup flavoured with tamarind and coconut milk).

The dishes may come across complicated but nothing is overworked and it retains the light-hearted simplicity of Bangka. The addition of Bangka dishes on the menu of Waha Kitchen has unveiled another fascinating flavours to the Peranakan cuisine. And with it, cemented the establishment as, perhaps, one of the best spots in Jakarta for quality Peranakan dishes.