Well Fed at Fedwell

by Pingkan Palilingan
30th May 2018
Healthy eating gets more and more easy with new players such as Fedwell. Fedwell's wholesome protein and grain bowls are as delicious as they are nourishing.

When was the last time you had a huge meal and ended up not feeling guilty about it? If you need more than a minute to respond to this question, then there’s only one-word solution to this dilemma: Fedwell.

Lodged in Senopati, Fedwell is an offshoot of Leafwell, a healthy catering provider that’s also behind the smoothie bowl café Berrywell. The healthy eatery Fedwell touts the slogan “a bowl of goodness,” which alludes to the quality of its offerings that are both delicious and nourishing.

The dish in question is the wholesome bowl that is made up of a variety of colourful, good-looking protein, veggies, grains and healthy dressings. Presenting it canteen-style, patrons are granted the liberty to customise their own bowls with any of the aforementioned choices. However, if it overwhelms you, there’s the trusted signature menu to choose from.

The signatures come with a balanced selection of grains, veg and protein. Tuck into The Eurasian if you’re a salmon fan – the bowl features a lively party of homemade Gigli pasta, ratatouille, mushroom, drizzled with balsamic black pepper dressing.

While the presence of salmon is predictable in an eatery that endorses healthy eating, the presence of rib eye steak in The Don is rather surprising. An ingenious move, that is, which shows that beef – when cooked right and aptly paired with certain side dishes (quinoa brown rice to substitute french fries, in this case) –  is not at all evil.

And while you’re at it, the exciting colourways of the dishes could be found in their beverages too. At Fedwell, it’s fascinating to observe a handful offsprings that a caffé latte may possibly spawn: the pink Beetroot Latte, yellow Turmeric Latte, green Matcha Latte, and black Charcoal Latte. You’d be surprised that each is whipped up with soy milk, something you might not realise had it not be written on the menu.

Clearly, Fedwell is not “just another” healthy eatery addition to a city that craves for more access and options in order to start living healthy. And Fedwell will be suitable for those who aren’t ready to go to the extremes to make a lifestyle change, for example eliminating meat altogether from their diet. Thankfully, there’s Fedwell who has shown that substantial meals can, in fact, be guilt-free.