Life’s a Feast at Feast by Kokiku

by Pingkan Palilingan
23rd May 2018
Feast by Kokiku revives the celebration of Indonesian cuisine through plentiful portions of a familiar and hearty menu that are best enjoyed with warm company and pleasant conversation.

There has been a recent uptick in the number of eateries that tout Indonesian cuisine as their main feature. One of them is Feast by Kokiku, and judging from its name, it promises a satisfying and sumptuous repast.

Feast may strike you as a non-Indonesian restaurant at first, especially once you glimpse the surrounding interior, which could easily fit the bill as a brunch place. Pink neon sign, hanging potted plants, marble tables, and pastel-hued walls set the casual, garden-inspired tone of the restaurant.

On to the menu, the offerings are shared-based Indonesian food that the Executive Chef Ray Jansen has learned from a family friend’s recipes which have been passed down for generations. Although variety-wise the offerings aren’t extensive, they are nevertheless hearty, familiar and quickly filling.

Given its “food-sharing” concept the food portions here are fairly large, so it’s best to come with a company to sample at least a few of their mouth-watering dishes: the huge and tender 48 Hours Beef Ribs complemented with bone marrow and sambal matah or the classic Padangnese ayam pop that’s been given a sophisticated twist in Pop Chicken Confit. Then round it up with a sweet closure, in the company of Brioche Toast with pandan srikaya spread.

Remember those days when you sit down on a communal table with close family and share plates of wholesome food over pleasant talk, and everyone simply enjoys each other’s company? That’s pretty much sums up Feast. And if you’d like to take the conversation further, order up one of their sharing cocktails and savour the moment.