Indulge the Farmers Bowl Way

by Erdira Wirengjurit
1st March 2018
Joining the healthy food scene, Farmers Bowl serves up meals that show healthy food can be savoury and indulgences can be guilt-free.

Kickstarting a healthier lifestyle starts with the food we consume. But when our mind is set on the belief that healthier options are made of unexciting variants of salads with mild dressings, it gets easily discouraging. At Farmers Bowl, they’re dedicated to show that healthier options don’t have to compromise on taste and excitement. Whether you’re just starting your journey or simply enjoy clean food, a plateful from Farmers Bowl delivers healthy and delicious in one hearty meal.

Farmers Bowl is trying to erase the notion that healthy food is bland and boring, and they do so by introducing us to the wide varieties of healthy ingredients that can satisfy any tastebuds. With plenty of options on display, every bowl is intended to include all the necessary nutrients to nourish the body, and you can build your own to preference. They start with a bed of carbohydrates, then a handful choice of veggies, one sort of protein, your favorite dressing, and a finishing topping. Each element is made in the house and carefully cooked to taste. Therefore, whatever bowl combination you made, none of the ingredients will clash in flavours.

But it goes without saying that their five signature bowls are just as tempting. Each of the signatures takes inspiration from places and seasons. The “Summer Bowl” is one bursting with fresh flavours. If you prefer something with more heat, the “Gangnam Bowl” is the healthy interpretation of the Korean “bibimbap.”

When in the mood for treats and sweet indulgences, Farmers Bowl has it on offer without the guilt. Their “Tempeh Lasagna” substitutes the pasta with thinly sliced tempeh, whereas their “Nicecream” uses a frozen banana base for the healthy version of your favourite (n)icy treat.

Since it is adjacent to a motherhood store, the humble joint receives families, but as well as a wide range of customers on the daily. Nearby office workers and university students can be seen lining up during lunch time, and later in the evening, many gym goers would drop by for dinner to replenish the body. It’s safe to say, if you happen to be around Senopati, know that your kickstart into a healthier diet is close by.