Checking-in at the Egghotel

by Ayu Swasti Amandari
14th June 2019
Brunch at Egghotel fuses bold Asian flavours and amps it up with rooftop view to accompany the occasion.

There’s one more good reason to look forward to your weekly brunch: at Egghotel in Kuningan, hearty and exciting meals with your loved ones come with a view to behold.

Egghotel is located atop of the private residence Suites at 7, revealing a beholding sight to accompany your dining. This sibling to Fillmore Coffee is inspired by Australian brunch culture to bring breakfast into new territories with a fascinating menu that fuses asian flavours to your usual breakfast dish.

To wit, Egghotel’s Hey, Benny! successfully braces Indian flavours for the egg benedict dish that comes with lentil curry, roti prata, grilled chicken tikka masala and cucumber salad. Likewise, a healthier version to a rice bowl, the Caulirice (with a base of cauliflower rice, a low-carb substitute to rice made of cauliflower) packs on the flavour with hearty miso coffee pulled pork, yogurt harissa and a soft-boiled egg for that high-protein and low-carb intake. Salads may not be everyone’s preferred plate, but don’t stir away from the Pumpkin Sorghum Salad with their colourful healthy spread. And as you’re dining with your loved ones, do share a plate of the fried Polenta chips or the Cube Arancini to ensure fulfilled and happy tummies.

Of course, there’s always dessert to get egg-cited about. But instead of your usual slice of cake, have yourself a Pasta for Dessert, a bowl of chocolate pasta served with homemade ube ice cream as the pasta ‘sauce’, with cake bites and raspberry almond cream to tie it all together. For the matcha lovers, look no further than The Jelly Belly to lust over.

Wash down the meal and wind down with a cool glass of Markiss-ahh! (or a cocktail, if you will) before calling it a day. But warning, the relaxing ambience may stretch your time here for a bit. But who are we to turn down a brunch with a view to match? It wouldn’t be hard to see Egghotel landing on Jakarta’s list of go-tos.