Daily Fix at Dopa Coffee Studio

By Hana Oktavia A.
20th November 2020
Bedecked with an outdoor tier-seating, Dopa Coffee is a crowd-pulling stomping ground for the city’s morning cyclists seeking wholesome recesses with coffee and brunch among a warm and enthusiastic community.

There’s no end to Senopati’s brimming coffee line-up, and Dopa Coffee Studio is an exciting recent addition that jazzes up the scene with their cosy backdrop and delectable offerings. A part of 113 Group, the group that established Dopa’s neighbouring bike store 113LIVE, the coffee studio welcomes the city’s cyclists and coffee shop hoppers with warmth. 

Should you plan to grab your fix in the morning, be prepared to share their outdoor space famous for its sunlit wooden staircases with a flock of early riders, as the bike-friendly café is a casual stomping ground to the community.

If you happen to be one of the early birds in search of a hearty brunch, Dopa’s selections serve it in spades. Their burger-inspired egg soufflé sandwich, Egg-O-Sando, is a house favourite that would keep the tummy full throughout the day, but if you’re in for some protein fix, then Steak and Egg with mushroom might be the big breakfast you’ll love. 

For the beverages, the coffee studio keeps their list straightforward. In the mood for a hot cuppa to kickstart the day? Go for their signature Pedal Pop, Dopa’s take on the usual capmade with their homemade artisan milk that hints a sweeter taste. If the day’s heat gets a little unfriendly, counter it with Dopa Ice Coffee or the refreshing Maku, a concoction beverage of mango and Yakult.

Set right in the city centre lively with urban cyclists, Dopa Coffee Studio easily becomes the community’s gathering point or finish line where the house’s comforting repertoire awaits. With cyclists continuously increasing by leaps and bounds in the past months, Dopa is a much-welcomed addition to Jakarta’s bike-friendly hangout spots whose full-house situation already signals a winning outlook.