Devon from The Land Down Under

by Erdira Wirengjurit
28th May 2018
Bringing a strong brunch game into the city, Devon Café from Sydney has crossed the seas to find itself in Senayan City Mall where the small and stylish venue carries fine fusion dishes to indulge in.

Coming ashore from the Land Down Under is Devon Café, an establishment so well-loved back home that has decided to venture to Jakarta. This fusion café from Sydney is the Australian byword for brunch where for years it has excelled to pair fine dining with a casual café culture. As so, expect your taste buds to be spoiled with Asian fusion dishes any time you wish, for this famed café has found its home in Senayan City mall.

Coming from a place where brunch is a serious affair, Devon intends to infuse the same passion into the city of Jakarta. Naturally, the menu offers the same loved dishes that have put Devon on the radar back home. Therefore, trying a good handful of their dishes is definitely something that one must do upon visiting Devon.

To begin with, make your trip to Devon all the more worthy by getting the signature plate, Breakfast with the Sakuma’s. This dish has made its way to be the all-time favourite owing to the pink miso grilled salmon, eel croquette with poached egg and furikake (savoury Japanese seasoning). Another must-try is the Ogre’s Happy Meal (an upscaled version of steak and egg hash) that consists of grilled ox tongue, cauliflower puree and pickled onions.

Elsewhere, kick your brunch game up a notch with the Croissant St. Denis, a dish inspired by the seas with croissant from BEAU and Japanese style omelette drenched in bisque sauce, topped with black salmon roe and crabmeat. After a bout of brunch frenzy, it’s only right to top it all of with something sweet to indulge in. Look no further than the Devon Affogato with their unique olive oil ice cream or go for the DD Special, a sweet taro soft serve with fries to dip it in.

Newcomers, don’t let the humble-sized venue throw you off. Despite being on the small size, Devon extends to an outdoor sitting as well. Nonetheless, the minimalist and stylishly casual interior dominated with earthy tones effortlessly livens the mood for brunch and more. Pair this modest venue with stunning food and Devon Café is certainly more than meets the eye.