Countering the Heat with Il Vero

by Jonathan Tjia
5th August 2016
A shelter in the midst of Jalan Panjang, Il Vero serves everyone's favourite treat in the form of freshly-made gelato.

Jalan Panjang is infamously known for being one of the most troublesome roads to go through in the city. Aside from the notoriously gruelling traffic, there is of course, everything that comes with it as well – the smothering pollution, rowdy motorists, and blistering heat all make up a recipe for bad moods.

When you insert Il Vero into the picture however, everything seems to become much better.

Located inside an elevated and repurposed shipping container by the side of the road, the gelateria is an oasis in the midst of all the havoc taking place at Jalan Panjang. Opt to sit inside, by the large windows as you watch the chaotic sea of traffic unfolds on the roads beneath. There is a humble outdoor area as well, where you could relax, breathing in and slowing down from Jakarta’s constant rush.

And of course, grab a scoop of the delicious freshly made gelato as an accompaniment. Go for a sorbet, which is extremely refreshing and will certainly wake up the senses. Or choose from flavours such as salted caramel and strawberry cheesecake, which is bound to appeal to any sweet tooth.

At Il Vero, it’s difficult not to slip into an extended break from the chaotic atmosphere outside. As you pick up your gelato and resort to the people watching, it shouldn’t take long before thinking that maybe you should stay a little while longer.