Welcome Home to Copper Club

by Pingkan Palilingan
31st August 2018
Decked out in comfy rattan chairs, greenery and a rich amount of sunlight streaming in, Copper Club's home-like ambience makes a great case for a restful neighbourhood coffee shop in Kelapa Gading.

If one were to observe the coffee scene in North Jakarta’s Kelapa Gading, he or she will be inclined to split it into two categories. First, those that are bound in shopping malls, and second, the more modest neighbourhood coffee shops.

Copper Club falls into the latter, with its position wedged in a friendly residential area. You’ll be pleased to find that the coffee shop takes the neighbourhood elements further inside, where “homey” feels more pronounced. The space is decked out with hanging greenery, patchwork tiles, rattan chairs and other mismatched furniture that are spread across two floors.

Considering its home-like ambience, the coffee shop keeps their menu humble with varying daily choices of nibbles. Of course, coffee is a permanent fixture here with both milk-based and manual brew options at the ready. Ask for their Copper Tone house blend (roasted by Nagadi Coffee) that packs the flavourful Colombian and Brazilian beans altogether into a single cup of joe. But when the outside heat demands something cold, it would be wise to opt for the sweet iced Avocado Coffee.

When it comes to food, be sure to check their cake and pastry rack for a glimpse of their daily offerings. Don’t go past their homemade lemon cake once you chance upon it — it’s not every day you spot this little dear.

The comfy undertone in here fosters a sense that time passes by quickly, just like how it would when you spend a day at home. As such, your morning coffee time would easily stretch to lunch time. When this happens, Copper Club comes prepared; choose between Nasi Kucing (a meagre portion of rice and a few choices of sides), fried rice or spaghetti when your tummy grumbles.

“Homey” might be an overused word these days with more coffee shops arriving and competing to evoke that exact vibe to visitors. But once you snag a table on Copper Club’s upstairs patio where a cup of coffee is accompanied with warm sun rays and serene greenery, such peaceful setting makes a nice case for an ideal suburban coffee nook.