Claypot Popo for The Soul

by Erdira Wirengjurit
13th April 2018
Here, a grandmother’s recipes and love for her granddaughters are the inspiration behind Claypot Popo, where homey meals served in hot claypots are the highlights.

A trip down memory lane can happen through the tastebuds and to have one of grandma’s best dishes from your childhood is to be fed with a side of nostalgia of the lady who insisted that you still have room for more food. In Claypot Popo, two granddaughters create and serve Chinese dishes in hot claypots, all inspired by their youth in the care of their grandmother. This modest eatery in Menteng wants to show that a bit of love goes a long way to satisfy even the hungriest tummy.

Don’t expect an extensive menu in Claypot Popo. With only a handful of main items to choose from, each dish was created with the owner’s childhood in mind. The claypots are all noodle or rice-based dishes cooked with simple ingredients found in any pantry. But simplicity here is far from dull. While the stories that come with every dish give a lovely touch, the charm lies in its homey taste.

For days when you’re feeling under the weather, go for Claypot Siram Telur Matang, a hot rice dish drenched in thick savoury broth with veggies and meat, perfect to comfort the appetite of the older and young alike. Claypot Misua Tahu Telur Asin and Claypot Locupan Ayam Asam Manis are both noodle-based, where the former uses thin angel hair noodles while the latter uses short and thicker ones. Don’t sweat it off if you can’t decide, because you can think it over while snacking on a generous serving of Roti Tim.

The food is also served in a venue as humble as the dishes offered. It’s small yet induces a cosy reminiscent of a home. More personal touches are hung on the walls where you can see photos of the owner’s “Popo” (Mandarin for “grandma”).

From the inspiration to its food, the humility behind Claypot Popo deserves a warm recognition. Despite the challenges of relocation and a fire accident in late 2017, it has been able to stand again without compromising on its quality and beliefs. In here, love, hard work, and gratitude translate into a warm meal in a pot.