Classically Kedai Roti Kobi

by Pingkan Palilingan
21st August 2018
Roti Nogat, lontong cap go meh and kopi susu, Kedai Roti Kobi stays faithful to its Chinese Peranakan roots, all the while throwing in a good degree of welcoming atmosphere.

Food has always been one of the main attractions in Pluit. There has been a bout of new arrivals from the F&B side, which introduce something fresh to the area, but Chinese food – with its timeless and straightforward appeal – still sits at the top of the list for visitors. Kedai Roti Kobi understands this perfectly, by offering a Chinese Peranakan style kedai kopi.

Located in Pluit Kencana Street, a fast-growing culinary area in an affluent neighbourhood, Kedai Roti Kobi dishes up typical menu often found in stalls or gerobak in a local pasar. Old-time favourites such as Lontong Cap Go Meh (lontong rice cake, drenched in opor ayam, egg balado, chicken liver sambal and a variety of veg) and Nasi Rames (rice with veg, chicken, egg balado, tempe, chicken liver sambal) are being reintroduced here, which thankfully, remain staunchly committed to the classics.

However so, the emphasis is, in fact, the eatery’s roti or toast bread which is specially-made wheat bread that tastes so good even just by itself. Here, each toast comes replete with a wide variety of toppings to choose from, further enhancing the original flavour of the bread. Roti Nogat Meses, smothered with peanut and chocolate sprinkles, would definitely appeal among the sweet-toothed. Meanwhile, those with an Indonesian palate would gladly opt for Roti Srikaya Kelapa (kaya jam and coconut flakes) and the savoury Roti Abon (beef floss and mayo). Naturally, the variety of permutations justifies one to have more than just a single flavour to oneself.

Finally, a usual fixture in kedai kopi is, of course, the house’s aromatic Kopi. Be it the bitter Kopi Hitam or sweet Kopi Susu, each would go well with just about any dish one is having. But if you’re keen for a twist to your usual coffee, why not try Kopi Alpukat Kerok, iced coffee with avocado, which is a delight when the weather is unusually stifling.

With an amicable price point, Kedai Roti Kobi is often flocked by visitors round the clock, where families and friends mingle over a long conversation. It’s not unusual to see seniors coming here too, reliving the old days with their comrades, over roti and kopi. It’s the kind of eatery that wins because of staying true to its roots, all the while presenting it in an extremely welcoming air.