The House of Chavaty

by Ayu Swasti Amandari
31st January 2019
Located in Plaza Indonesia, find your favourite Japanese milk tea, dainty pastry or soft cream at Tokyo's darling café Chavaty, that are poised to charm anyone in need of a pre or post-shopping treat.

Jakarta’s fascination towards matcha has never quite waned. As humble as it is in its rawest form, matcha has been incorporated into a variety of desserts such as cakes and ice cream, as well as beverages like matcha latte. And it’s no wonder the matcha craze is only getting bigger, especially upon the presence of Chavaty at Plaza Indonesia.

All the way from Omotesando, Tokyo, Japan, Chavaty is a specialty café serving tea-based lattes, soft serve ice cream and pastries. The café is located on the fifth floor of the shopping mall, adjacent to the Japanese retail outlet LUMINE. Charming and petite, Chavaty breathes a clean minimalist design that you’d expect from any Japanese export.

Likewise, its menu is kept short and adequate to satisfy a sweet tooth. Complement your casual sit-downs with their Japan-famous iced milk tea. The Matcha Milk Tea would be one’s intuitive pick of course, but fancy the Roasted Green Tea Houjicha Milk Tea for a toasty (and equally tasty) green tea punch. If you’re not a fan of green tea, there’s always the Royal English Tea Milk Tea.

Level-up the treat and pair your drink with their dainty tiramisu (in any of the tea flavours) or their house-made scones, the latter comes replete with whipped butter, nuts, dried fruit, and honey. Pressed on time? That’s more than okay. A cone of their soft cream, comes in immaculate swirls, is at the ready for a quick pick-me-up.

When it comes to tea-based treats and desserts, it’s a no-brainer that the Japanese do it best. A visit to Chavaty is due whenever you’re around the area, especially when you’re in need of a pre or post-shopping treat to delight your day.