The Caffeine Dispensary’s Coffee Prescription

by Pingkan Palilingan
23rd December 2015
Trust your coffee prescription to The Caffeine Dispensary. This newly arrived café and roaster in Kelapa Gading will take care of your daily dose of coffee with great accuracy.

Coffee is a legalised drug – or so they say according to The Caffeine Dispensary’s sound verdict. “Dispensary”, a place where people obtain specific medication from licensed pharmacists, ends up as the moniker of this café for a good reason.

While it’s true that the crews here treat the coffee like a treasured possessions, unfortunately, you won’t see them in white lab coats. But they assume the role of a pharmacist nonetheless; they measure, roast, grind, brew, teach and dispense caffeine prescriptions to “patients” who are looking for a regular coffee fix.

The Caffeine Dispensary was started by Edward Sanrio, Ajie Permana and Andri Saputra, three colleagues who have been involved in the coffee world even before the Dispensary was born. Rio, for instance, owns a coffee roaster, while Ajie owns Revolution Coffee in Singapore that is still up and running to this date. But that doesn’t mean the Dispensary plays a second fiddle here.

Though located in a placid neighbourhood in Kelapa Gading, surprisingly, The Caffeine Dispensary has garnered quite a following. The café uses their own coffee beans, meaning that they source and roast their own coffee, and supply other cafés as well (some among them are in Bali and Singapore). Taking their love of coffee even further, the café will soon open a barista and brewing classes in the coming year. Meanwhile, private cupping session is available anytime, along with a monthly public session.

For non-coffee drinkers, Iced Latte Gula Jawa (a concoction of Brazil Formoso espresso and their homemade gula jawa) will be a suitable alternative to their filter coffee. Lavender Lemonade is also a refreshing thirst-quencher to accompany their food choices, say the ham & cheese croissant or their mean chocolate banana cake that warrants a second plate.

With a group of team that takes every opportunity to introduce their love of coffee, The Caffeine Dispensary will not only establish its name as a café and roaster in no time, but also as a learning place for those who are intrigued by coffee in North Jakarta. Make sure you come to The Caffeine Dispensary with a right caffeine prescription – or don’t come with one at all, because your coffee is in good hands.