The Daily Brood-en-Boter

by Sandy Indahsari
30th August 2017
With easy pastries and hearty local grubs, Brood-en-Boter is fast becoming the place to be when you find yourself in Bangka Street.

The long strip of Bangka road has always been living in the shadow of Kemang. While it may not measure up of the latter completely, Bangka is beginning to show signs that it deserves your attention too. The long strip of street has welcomed Brood-en-Boter into the neighbourhood, offering a laidback spot to kick back during the busy hours.

Derived from Dutch language, which means bread and butter, Brood-en-Boter focuses of uncomplicated cakes, and pastries made from natural ingredients. The obsession with natural ingredients came from the owner’s enthusiasm in baking baked goods that are free of any artificial ingredients for her children. Their Roti Bakso Sapi, bun with beef meatball fillings, is an easy favourite along with the classic French toasts that can never go wrong.

But light bites and pastries aside, the establishment also offer hearty grubs in the form of familiar Indonesian dishes to fill the grumbling tummy, from Nasi Goreng Kampung to Lidah Sambal Hejo. The portion of those dishes is also generous, making it suitable to share among friends and family.

The family-friendly aura is also extended to their interior. Over at one end of the establishment lies a children’s playroom where it’s equipped with toys. It is no doubt a relief, knowing that your kids will be kept busy while you catch up with your squad.  Morning is definitely the recommended time to drop by Brood-en-Boter where the establishment is filled with natural daylight. Come evening, it’s an ideal place to take shelter from the mad traffic. Now, thanks to Brood-en-Boter, it is definitely the name on top of your mind when you find yourself in Bangka.