Settle Down at Brew & Wood

by Pingkan Palilingan
17th April 2018
Coffee, friendly vibe and lofty space — all these features can be found in Brew & Wood, where a visit could easily extend to hours.

Finding a coffee shop in South Jakarta is not a hard quest. No matter how many you’ve encountered, it feels rewarding whenever you come across a new one. The same could be said for Brew & Wood.

Located in Puri Mutiara Street, between Antasari and Jeruk Purut, Brew & Wood pulls the attention without difficulty especially with its floor-to-ceiling glass facade that bares the coffee shop’s lofty interior. In addition to that, the constant jam outside provides enough reason for commuters to park themselves at Brew & Wood.

Unlike other establishments which take pride in featuring extensive menu, Brew & Wood is satisfied with offering something more concise. Apart from the usual espresso, latte and cappuccino, manual brew enthusiasts may look forward to the coffee beans selection, which is rotated on a regular basis.

Those who come with a big group would find it comfortable to lounge in the mezzanine area, where it’s equipped with a communal table as well as board games and a guitar. Patrons are inclined to spend hours in here, especially when accompanied with cookies and fries from the kitchen.

But don’t worry if you’re here by yourself. Simply settle yourself down on the beanbag with a glass of iced latte and a book from Brew & Wood’s mini library, and you’ll settle in nicely in no time.