The Joviality at BOJA Eatery

by Vania Evan
6th August 2019
BOJA Eatery springs to Pluit for anyone looking for a little joviality with comforting Asian dishes and a genial ambience to brace at your next gathering.

While seafood is undeniably the star cuisine in North Jakarta, sometimes your cravings call for something more grounded. Therefore, say never again to long and wearying commutes to get yourself a plate of modern indulgence as BOJA Eatery is coming into the scene without previous instance

Setting their foot in Pluit, it’s time for North Jakartans to do a welcome for Koultoura Coffee and KLTR Coffee Roasters’ sibling, BOJA. Whilst still dishing up a fusion of Asian cuisine, at its core, BOJA caters to people who fancy Chinese food with a traditional taste amped with regaling twists.

From the starter menu, find yourself sharing a plate of caramelized Moo Pink Pork Skewers with Thai chilli sauce or the inventive Crispy Prawn Head with Sriracha Mayo. While the sound of the latter might make you flinch, the sea-flavoured crunch easily brushes off any queasiness of consuming an aliment that you’d usually leave aside. As time begone snacking, the main dish is here to fulfill. Much like sayur asin that you cook at home, The Boja Fish Silky Soup is a milkier but just as comforting rendition that adds on bitesized fried fish and goji berry, good for times when the weather isn’t being too kind on you. While you shouldn’t miss the tenderness of the huge Mongolian Dino Ribs, the Braised Wagyu Brisket is a contender served warm in a claypot. To round it all off, the Coconut Pudding with lychee granita seems to be a great idea.

What’s more to offer is that the mouthwatering food is to be enjoyed along a serene ambience to complement. Pastel hues and potted greens are sure kind to the sight. With a high-ceiling and bright-looking interior; it’s ideally suitable for any occasion, be it for a remote work day, a casual lunch, or gatherings that call for joviality. Because after all, you should never have to choose between tasty food and nifty ambience when both are within reach.