The Black Sheep in Town

by Sandy Indahsari
22nd September 2017
Black Sheep serves up authentic Southern Italian cuisine with a laidback atmosphere at the heart of Kemang.

From coffee shops to restaurants, Kemang is still maintaining its reputation as the go-to neighbourhood in South Jakarta. Adding on to the list of the establishments is Black Sheep, an Italian restaurant that specialises in authentic Southern Italian cuisine.

Helmed by Chef Michele Cuozzo, diners can expect classic Italian fare made with age-old recipes that have been perfected through time. So forget about finding fusion dishes here. As seafood is a common feature in Southern Italian cuisine, this is why, your visit to Black Sheep should be filled with orders like Black Sheep Ink Pasta or Squid Ink Risotto that comes with fresh catch from the sea. Even simple dish, such as Salmon Carpaccio easily leaves an impression.

For those who take less of a liking to delicacies of the sea, there are plenty of other worthy options too. Take a bite of their Crudaiola pizza (Parma ham, tomatoes, arugula, mozzarella and parmesan cheese) or, for a change, Calzone Vesuvio, where it’s made from scratch, folded and filled with ham, cheese and fresh mushrooms.

Chef Michele’s 30 years of experience is also noticeable. The dishes in Black Sheep are never overdone and consistently retain the homey quality that Italian cuisine is known for. This is why families often visit Black Sheep during the weekends where they take it easy over meal. As the restaurant also serves as a sports bar, mature crowd can be seen kicking it back with beer in the evening. With the relaxed nature of Black Sheep, don’t be surprised to find expats here on a regular basis.

Operating from 6am onwards until midnight, Black Sheep keeps itself flexible for all kinds of occasions, be it lunch meeting or weekend gathering. Your taste buds may gravitate from one dish to another in each visit, but one thing you can expect is that Chef Michele will be there to make sure only quality food is served on your table as well as peppering your time in Black Sheep with his good-natured humour.