Fly into Birdman

by Julius Kensan
3rd August 2017
It’s a plane. It’s a flying carpet. No, it’s Birdman, a laidback gastropub offering contemporary Japanese cuisine that is nestled in a quiet corner of SCBD.

It’s true that getting your hands on Japanese food is not exactly a difficult task these days. But for those who have grown jaded to the selections of Japanese establishments in Jakarta, you may want to rekindle the flame with Birdman.

This modern Japanese gastropub is easily missed in passing, but that only adds to the charm of its discretion. Even though it’s located on the ground floor of an office tower, there is nothing stuffy or stiff about Birdman. First timer here would be taken back by the establishment’s sterile interior and its lack of decoration, underlying a contemporary approach and attitude. But the initial shock is soon gradually replaced with an air of ease as you settle in, sipping on their homemade Birdman soda with latest hip hop music pumping in throughout the establishment.

Food wise, the menu is divided into lunch and dinner. A clever idea that warrants multiple visits if you wish to try out various dishes that you might have missed. The options are also regularly rotated from time to time. That’s why don’t miss out the chance to have a taste on salmon poke salad, chicken katsu sandwich as well as Birdman’s take on Agedashi tofu that is topped with fine strands of fried enoki whenever you see them on the menu.

The best part about the food in Birdman is that the portion is never too little or too much. It fills you up nicely while leaving you with enough space for dessert and after-meal booze. And speaking of drinks, expect to see Japanese expats coming in for regular after-work drinks during weekdays and young adults raising a few glasses with their peers during the weekends.

Birdman strikes an easy balance in keeping things up to date while maintaining the essence of Japanese cuisine. Coupled with its tucked away location, it feels like one of South Jakarta’s best-kept secrets. But of course, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the city catches up on the existence of Birdman.