A Moment at Bersahaja

by Erdira Wirengjurit
26th March 2018
Bersahaja offers that sought-after combo in a coffee shop: cosy space and familiar grub.

If compared to a person, Bersahaja is the one whom you would notice every day but never felt compelled to approach, until its calm demeanour becomes the exact appeal that makes you board the conversation first. Located at the store-front of a compound building, the coffee shop is a quiet enclave, always ready to welcome those seeking to take a moment for themselves.

While the menu isn’t extensive, the choices on offer will keep you sated for any occasion during the day. Keeping it Indonesian, Bersahaja serves traditional food and snacks that are typically sold by street vendors, such as “Donut Kampung” or “Pisang Bakar.” Otherwise, heavier appetites can be fulfilled with a plate of their “Nasi Uduk.” Wash it down with their “Es Kopi Bersahaja,” and you’ve just treated yourself to a homey meal without putting a dent in the wallet. Indeed, “Es Kopi Bersahaja” is their most popular beverage. You can easily find any table with one sitting atop, especially on a hot afternoon.

But the café’s true appeal lies in its humble and cosy venue. It’s easy to picture nearby residents to drop by Bersahaja early in the morning to do a bit of work before tending to their day. And for those who think that socialising is overrated, fear not because Bersahaja offers the ideal atmosphere for the introvert to linger in, whether it is to settle down with a good book or binge-watch a series at the end of a long day. In the midst of the city’s seemingly unending fluster, Bersahaja is about toning it down for a quality moment with your peers or by yourself.