A Berrywell Lifestyle

by Julius Kensan
26th April 2016
Serving up fulfilling smoothie bowls for those with a healthy appetite, Berrywell is lending everyone a hand in attaining a healthier lifestyle one bowl at a time.

Modern lifestyle is demanding. If you’re not married by the age that you’re supposed to, then you should at least have a successful career. If you’re still on the way to the latter, then you’re expected to be living an active and healthy lifestyle, where your peers could only look on with envy through your social media. Thankfully, to be active and in good shape is made much easier in Jakarta now.

One of them is Berrywell, which serves up wholesome and refreshing smoothie bowls while tucking itself in an obscure corner of Fairgrounds SCBD car park. For the uninitiated, smoothie bowl is made of, of course, smoothie in a bowl and usually topped with granola and various fruits, such as banana and peach. But the most famous smoothie bowl of all is no doubt the acai bowl.

If this is your first encounter with smoothie bowl, opt for the establishment’s Berrywell Signature, where it serves a generous amount of acai berry (directly imported from Brazil) and topped off with banana, kiwi, coconut and chocolate flakes. But if trying out the popular acai isn’t your priority, there are plenty of other healthy choices made with various ingredients, from dragon fruit (Dragon Bowl-Z), chia seed (Chocolate Chia Parfait), to peanut butter (PB & B). The amount of calories from each of these bowls is also stated on the menu, lending a hand to those who are on a strict diet to make a better decision.

To those with XY chromosomes, don’t rule out Berrywell as a healthy joint made for the girls. These smoothie bowls are filling and could easily pass off as lunch.

Its prime location in SCBD also means that it regularly sees guests from nearby office buildings and gyms (Fairgrounds SCBD itself houses a fitness studio and crossfit gym), making sure it reaches out to the target market that it intended. Berry well played indeed.