Back at Simetri Home Coffee Roasters

By Hana Oktavia A
5th February 2020
Previously in West Jakarta, the famed Simetri Home Coffee Roasters has relocated to Jalan Wijaya with bountiful offerings of caffeinated drinks and hearty fares to go with your lunch meetings or friendly round of catch-ups.

Who hasn’t heard of Simetri Home Coffee Roasters? At the onset of third wave coffee, Simetri was quick to be recognised as specialty coffee brewers. Formerly set in Puri Kembangan, the coffee house is back with a fresh scene down south and a handful of coffee-fixing experience, welcoming both coffee and non-coffee drinkers in their new Wijaya home. 

Simetri suggests more than cups of java as they supply their own beans as well, among them are signature espresso blends, Lola and Bugs (a nod to the classic Looney Tunes) and the single origins Palasari and Manglayang, referring to the mountains in West Java where the beans grow.

Keeping with their ol’ homely concept, the snug atmosphere is decked with places to spread out and enjoy the day. Whiffs of coffee floats from the corners of the store to their outdoor seating, where traces of greenery comes together with high chairs and communal tables, giving way to a breezy air while you sip the beverage of your choice. 

Score your caffeine intake with the Black Julep, a unique espresso-based drink fused with honey, lime and mint to counter Jakarta’s heat. For the sweet-toothed folks, have yourself an Ice Creamy Latte, milk espresso served with caramel syrup, hints of cinnamon and a scoopful of vanilla ice cream on top. Not a huge fan of coffee? Rest assured because an iced and/or hot chocolate is a classic to keep you company during sunny or rainy times alike.

Complementing its well-favoured drinks, the courses found at Simetri also go a long way; from brunch menu like the Simetri’s Big Breakfast to their mouthwatering Double Cheese Hamberg (stack of double grilled patties, beef bacon and sautéed mushroom bathed in house-made cheese sauce served with greens), ending with a sweet course like SKYLER créme brûlée to top it all off.

Simetri’s place in the coffee business is not one to overlook. Offering equally satiating grubs and refreshments, why go miles to settle for your upcoming coffee sessions?