At Coffeebeerian, a Brewing Craft Beer Community

by Hilda Nathalia Raina
17th March 2023
Coffeebeerian hones in on the spirit of discovery through its ever-rotating roster of coffee and craft beer by local home brewers within its newly-renovated home in Ciragil Street.

“It’s our thing, we’ll meet for coffee in the morning, head to work then meet up again after for a pint. So we just thought, why not open our own place to be a hangout spot?” shared Laki Gushari, co-founder of Coffeebeerian on the initial conversation that sparked him and his three friends to give the F&B business a go.

Over the past eleven years, it’s exceeded any expectation the four had, building a reputation for growing the local craft beer community through quality brews that focus on exploration and discovery. Having outgrown their first home in Panglima Polim, the pub now comfortably rests on Ciragil Street, drawing a relaxed and easygoing crowd of homebrewers to those with a taste for craft beer and coffee.

Newly renovated with concrete floors and old bottles of beer cans and wine shelved around the room, Coffeebeerian sees a mixed bag throughout the week, from a group of cyclists dropping by before starting the work day to those grabbing an after-work pint; some even casually walk in during work break to get a head start on the drinks. Knowledgeable and equally as animated about all things beer and coffee, the staff greets regulars by name and knows what they’re drinking even before they have a chance to order.  

The crowd peaks on a Friday, when a fresh crop of beers on tap takes over with names like the citrusy stout Orange Clockwork and slightly bitter and fruity XPA Heat Waves chalked on the blackboard, most of which are brewed by frequent customers or local breweries like Kura Kura and Black Sand. While you might not recognise them, the board is a good place to start to filter through flavour profiles and the intensity of each brew before settling in on a drink for the night. 

The ever-rotating menu covers beginner-friendly ales and lagers to more experimental stouts and I.P.A. Canned beers like Laki’s own line of brews, Kulturale, also boasts explorative flavours like sour dragonfruit from the Berliner Weisse-style beer Aksen. Following a similar pattern to the beers, coffee beans and most of the items on the food menu, except the Baked Belly (baked cuts of pork belly) and Chicken Wings & Dip, also changes regularly to match the discovery experience. 

Laid-back with no-frills surroundings, Coffeebeerian is a place where one can geek out over new brews with fellow beer buffs or cosy up in a corner and quietly enjoy a pint. And beer isn’t the only thing that’s brewing here. “The goal from the start was always to build a community. Our regulars don’t even care about what’s on the menu, but they know they’ll find new and good craft beers here,” said Laki.