On to a Second One with % Arabica

by Erdira Wirengjurit
20th February 2021
% Arabica is on a stride across the city, opening its second shop on the grounds of ASHTA District 8 where white collars can rejoice in quality coffee for their meetings and afternoon breaks.

The Kyoto household % Arabica (or simply Arabica) is making a stride in Jakarta by settling in the city’s most coveted spots; after its first home in Central Park Mall, the grounds of ASHTA District 8 is the next one to house Arabica’s white-clad coffee bar, offering the stellar cuppas of coffee to the crowds of South Jakarta. 

Among the streams of customers eagerly welcoming this arrival, it’s the white collars who get the treat. Its location in close proximity to business districts naturally gathers a clientele of young professionals and execs from the area. Thus, the coffee shop, designed by Bali-based architect Alexis Dornier, employs Arabica’s signature minimalist style and elements to set up a shop for the expected ongoings of this incoming crowd, which are befittingly metropolitan: business meetings and coffee breaks.

As such, expect the revered quality of Arabica’s coffee to grace your activities. Spanish Latte (shot of espresso with condensed milk), Matcha Latte, and the classic Latte are by far the favourites in Indonesian market. And while it may be less known, every milk-based beverage can be opted with non-dairy and vegan milk instead (with choices of oat and soy). Everything is served in spades, made with Arabica’s single-origin beans (and self-produced matcha powder) using custom coffee machines to deliver the unmatched quality its owner and founder, Kenneth Shoji, envisioned for Arabica.

While the store in Central Park Mall can afford the cooler photo-op spot (with the tower of encased bean bags), the one in ASHTA wins the roastery room. This is where aficionados can select from ten of Arabica’s best coffee beans and have them roasted on the spot for the freshest Arabica-quality brews at home.  

This store marks Arabica’s second home out of the projected four on Indonesian soil, treating one crowd at a time to the perfected specialty coffee that captured a loyal following across to globe.