Another Day in Paradia

by Cindy Julia Tobing
4th August 2023
Paradia in Cilandak adds to the excitement of the city’s burgeoning lifestyle compounds, gathering on-the-rise brands from popular baked pasta and donburi eatery to a 3D nail salon from Bali.

Not so news flash, lifestyle compounds have grown to become some sort of a staple feature of Jakarta’s neighbourhoods. Each takes on a different charm, from the energetic creative joint that sees endless activities to the slow-mood space where people come to seek some quiet time. In this pool of compounds, Paradia jumps in to add another variety.

Snuggled in the neighbourhood of Intan Street, hidden just nicely from the busy main street of Cilandak, the compound opens to an inner court where it would function as its centre of activities. Designed by twin designers Romy and Rama Dwiwahyu, the predominantly exposed concrete is met with some interesting materials, like the aluminium cladding facades that not only appeal strongly to the compound’s compact yet cool look, but also capture the designers’ spirit of material exploration. 

For the three friends and founders Febby Rastanty, Larie Tobias and Adri Adhikaprasetyo, Paradia initially started from a simple business idea of moving their online coffee brand, Strange Coffee, offline. But for them, it didn’t make sense to take up the spacious space and use it solely for a single coffee shop. How to maximise it? Add in more tenants. 

“We started searching for brands that can fill up the space,” said Larie. “And we looked into pandemic businesses that many rave about. So as we go along, [Paradia] becomes some sort of a micro-space or platform for them as well.” This includes the highly-popular baked pasta Bruule, sweet baked goods of Bon Bon Bites, and their very own Strange Coffee and donburi eatery Gokyo.

Paradia is also home to Picatier photobooth, and Nu Beauty Cartel beauty salon from Bali, which has attracted a loyal following of 3D nail art enthusiasts since its inception in 2020. There will be more on the line, like the soon-to-opened Demie Bakmie, and a secret project on the second floor. 

Like most compounds in the city, Paradia celebrates the idea of a dynamic space where a variety of communities can easily settle in and creative and communal activities can naturally flourish. It’s an experience and ambience that people can always get behind, and in this matter, Paradia is on the right track.