On the Prowl with Animale

by Elizabeth Sihombing
11th March 2020
For the love of meat, Animale Restaurant specialises in all of your favourite cuts and types of proteins for a carnivorous dining experience overlooking the busy Mega Kuningan District.

There will never be a shortage of places to treat yourself to a proper feast in Jakarta. For the carnivores, the F&B scene is taken up a notch with the presence of Animale Restaurant, an upscale establishment who prides on their American-Mediterranean fusion of flavours for their meaty proteins from first sight to last call.

Upon entry, the dimmed ambiance is livened up by their unique interior concept inspired by different natural settings. Befitting their name, the scenes represent natural fauna habitats, from the blue tones of the sea to the earthy tones of the land.

Their quest for an interactive meal does not stop at their design concept. Though their indoor is limited, the spacious al-fresco seating offers the breathtaking view of Jakarta’s skyline to slow down the night.

By name, Animale Restaurant hosts eccentric meat-based dishes that are served in style. Broken down from “Share the Love” to “Spare Parts”, don’t be surprised if the menu consists of fares that sound rare to the ears. Here, chef Andri Dionysius, invites visitors for a dining experience seldom found in the city.

Start the night with the Wagyu & Foie Gras, thinly sliced wagyu beef with foie gras mixed in, lightly seasoned, and eaten with a parmesan crisp or an order of cold cuts, all carefully dried with the restaurant’s own dry-aging method. Naturally, call your feast with drink pairings that’ll complement the dish from their range of wines and cocktails.

Moving forward to the entrees, every meat is seasoned all around for maximum flavours, such as the freshly served Live Barramundi (Asian sea bass captured right from the tank) or the Short Rib “Tomahawk”, a real crowd-pleaser carved right at the table for patrons. Another favourite? The pasta is made fresh and prepared to one’s preference. Take the Malloredus, for example, pasta infused with truffle and brown butter and served tableside with parmesan crusted bone marrow. 

Carnivorous as they are, Animale knows how to tame the intense flavours of the evening with toothsome plated desserts to regal on. Round your evening with some selections like Oops Cheesetart, a cheesecake with a decadent mixture of camembert and gorgonzola cheese for a sweet and savoury-twisted take of the popular dessert.

It goes without saying, come prepared and ready to spare at Animale. A night of an all-meat feast here is bound to satisfy the bon-vivant carnivore.