AMKC Atelier’s Passion Project

Audrey Karina
24th March 2016
A culmination of years of culinary experience from Chef Adhika Maxi and Karen Carlotta of the famed UNION, AMKC Atelier is the chefs' latest contribution that stems from their expertise in gourmet cuisine and pastry.

The much revered Head Chef Adhika Maxi and Pastry Chef Karen Carlotta of UNION have turned their passion project into reality. Until recently, AMKC Atelier (acronym of their combined names) existed as a fine dining experience in the comfort of private homes, before the husband and wife team decided it deserves a permanent spot.

Quick to distinguish itself from the American brasserie that is UNION, AMKC Atelier prides itself as a gourmet eatery within a modern Parisian-inspired setting, although the spirit of great food is left largely intact.

Aside from being a personal reflection of the duo’s culinary journeys – which Adhika gleefully described as stemming from his love for Japanese cuisine, his experience training in French cuisine, all the while identifying as an Indonesian – their food menu also reflects an unrelenting strife to cook with seasonal and premium ingredients, resulting in a constantly evolving menu.

With a strong commitment towards sustainable agriculture in their pursuit, AMKC Atelier has partnered up with purveyors of high quality and locally grown vegetables such as Raw Tables (artisan grower of organic kale and Swiss chard) and Highlands Vegetables (greenhouses production of salad leaves and tomatoes).

The highlight of their menu is a pasta dish that resembles a convergence of elements from the sea (sea urchin from Hokkaido), land (pork crackling) and ground (truffle cream), best lapped up with a spoon along with little bits of everything. Fans of clams? Be sure not to miss New England Clam Chowder, that comes with generous amounts of freshly sourced clams, corn and croutons.

On the other end, Karen is the genius behind all the pastries. Safe to say, she is responsible for pioneering the Es Teler (pandan chiffon cake, with layers of avocado cream, bits of jackfruit and coconut jelly) and Martabak (akin to a chocolate and cheese martabak) cakes, that represent modern interpretations on classic Indonesian desserts, and she does this with such finesse and confidence she harbours for UNION pastries. And of course, none of these sweet offerings would seem complete without being balanced off by the faithful company of their coffee, which is provided by Ombé Koffie.

Altogether, it is undeniable that both Adhika and Karen’s spirit of innovation, coupled with meticulous attention to ingredients and cooking techniques will have AMKC Atelier courting discerning palates for a long time.