It’s Always Sunny in Casadina

by Julius Kensan
3rd October 2014
Casadina’s sunny disposition makes for a laidback and pleasant experience with their terrific Italian and Indian dishes. Bring on the heat!

Quietly lodged by the foot of Taman Rasuna apartments in Kuningan, Casadina is not the kind of place where one detects right away from the main road. But it is the kind of establishment that you won’t be able to ‘unsee’ once after your first visit.

The entire place resembled a hybrid of summerhouse and seaside restaurant. A tiny pool sat beside it, quietly reflecting fragmented sunlight onto the glasshouse-inspired establishment.

The tropical theme flowed fluidly from the architecture into the food. Owner and chef, Dina Fattia, used to train under Indian and Italian chefs back in Melbourne. As such, the menu offers a smorgasbord of different dishes from different countries. It may confused some of the diners but take a step back and you’ll realised that all these fare hailed from countries that are well known for their zest and their summer charm.

Casadina’s Lamb Tikka Masala and Butter Chicken are two of the must-try dishes for those who are into Indian cuisine. The flavour packed dishes are also served along with prata and papadum (crisp disc shaped Indian cracker). Familiar Italian fare comes in the form of hearty meat pizza and homemade spinach pasta dressed in light pesto sauce. But if you’re in the mood for something local, opt for Soto Padang instead.  Then, the best part will be washing all of them down with Casadina’s own blend of tropical juice (apple, orange, dragon fruit and pineapple).

Morning people will also be glad to know that Casadina opened its door from 7am with breakfast menu that includes fresh homemade pastry and a warm cup of coffee (using coffee beans from tanamera)

For some restaurants, the inclusion of a variety of dishes usually knocked down the overall dining experience. But Casadina managed to pull it off with ease. All thanks to the irresistible sunny disposition.