Slowing Down at After Friday Coffee

Riley Zander
30th April 2021
Setting up shop outside the city’s bustle, After Friday Coffee in Serpong evokes the liberating feeling of the weekend, an invitation to live a little slower by indulging in their lineup of brews and Western dishes without the dread of work in the back of our minds.

Nowadays, rarely is a well-brewed coffee appreciated when sitting down with a dear friend, or having a good book in our hands. Instead, the caffeinated beverage is sought out as fuel for work, where urban hustlers setting up camp at coffee shops with their laptops have become a regular sight. Sitting amongst the shophouses of South Goldfinch in Serpong, the aptly named After Friday Coffee is reminiscent of the weekend for patrons to enjoy some brews and socialising as they strive to redefine the essence of what a coffee shop is.

Implementing Australia’s laid-back coffee culture, there is a degree of intention within the atmosphere of After Friday Coffee. The unique building is pretty hard to miss, decked in monochrome colours that flow throughout the coffee shop, starkly contrasting with its positioning against the grass field it overlooks. Opening in the early hours, patrons are immediately whisked into the minimalist space with their coffee in hand, seated by the arched windows to enjoy the remote view outside. And whether one decides to stay back a little longer or pace it up for the day, the establishment hopes to inspire a good time as if it were always the weekend, away from the burden of the week.

Going down their lineup of refreshing drinks, the Grey AF is their signature charcoal latte that reflects the coffee shop’s monochromatic colour scheme, while the Great AF is a comforting earl grey milk tea cuppa. Accompanying the drinks are mouthwatering dishes to indulge on, such as the sweet Black Chicken Waffle, (buttermilk chicken paired with charcoal waffle drizzled in a maple glaze), as well as the scrumptious Classic Mac & Cheese (smoked beef, mushroom champignon), dishes that would be amiss to pass up. 

Setting up After Friday Coffee in Serpong proved to be a surprise turn of expectations for the team behind the establishment; city dwellers who crave a scene undisturbed by the bustle will favour this spot, even if it’s a little further away. Hopping on the highway to visit After Friday Coffee on any day feels like leaving behind the week and the racket of busy streets, which in turn perhaps encourages living life a little slower.