A Remedy on Acaraki’s Table

By Elizabeth Sihombing
10th January 2020
The well-established Acaraki sets a second home in Kemang where the traditional jamu is twisted with brewing techniques one can indulge for an all-natural remedy to pair with staple Indonesian food.

Acaraki first introduced their modern jamu-making concept café in the heart of Kota Tua, with the calling to re-popularise the traditional age-old medicine of roots, herbs and spices to younger crowds who haven’t gotten past the distinctly strong taste to enjoy its health benefits. On the same quest, the establishment has now extended its reaches to the main street of Kemang for a second home, Acaraki Table, where Indonesian traditions are further honoured with batik-inspired decor, homey meals and, of course, re-imagined jamu concoctions that could be your go-to all-natural healthy remedy.

With the two primary bases of jamu, Kunyit Asam and Beras Kencur, Acaraki is known to revamp the herbal drinks using various popular brewing methods typically used for coffee. By employing different apparatus, namely the V60, French Press, and Espresso-style method, every jamu can be “brewed” to different levels of intensity to concoct a variety of drinks exclusive to Acaraki. Exclusive at their Kemang home are the Aeropress and Siphon coffee makers used to bring out even more untouched flavours to the jamu experience.

Therefore, if jamu-drinking still seems too adventurous for the taste buds, fret not as Acaraki has concocted the perfect bridge in easing your way to the taste. Their Saranti for one is a creamy drink mixed with beras kencur, creamer and milk to taste like a sweetened-latte, while the Golden Sparkling is a refreshing blend of kunyit asam, sugar and sparkling soda.

To pair with the new brewing methods Acaraki Table serves classic Indonesian cuisine to accompany jamu’s distinctive flavours. Guests can treat themselves to small bites of Garlic Cassava and Chicken Drum Sticksor indulge with local favourites such as the classic dish of Rawon, a savoury beef soup paired with rice and salted egg, or their many choices of Nasi Bakar (charcoal-fire grilled rice) with a variety of fillings and garnishes.

Those who may not be familiar with the traditional drink can now find different ways to enjoy the herbal-fused beverage at Acaraki Table. With its homely vibe along with many dishes to pair, jamu might as well be a customary drink for any given occasion.