The ABC of ABCD School

by Erdira Wirengjurit
22nd June 2018
Whether it's for aspiring baristas or simply coffee enthusiasts, ABCD School of Coffee carries with them a bigger goal to provide a space to dispense skills and knowledge of coffee with an impressive facility that easily sets the bar high.

On a glimpse, one might be inclined to raise a brow at the mention of “Coffee School” where an entire institution is dedicated for the learning of the ever-popular beverage. But as coffee experiences a momentous rise in popularity, of course the demand to learn more about it follows suit. This is where ABCD (A Bunch of Caffeine Dealer) Coffee steps in, with the duo Hendri Kurniawan and Ve Handojo at the helm.

Started as a small coffee joint in Pasar Santa, ABCD Coffee was the first of its kind in the coffee scene; where, visitors came to fetch a cup of joe and learn about it from Hendri, an internationally renowned figure and passionate connoisseur in the coffee sphere himself. The kiosk has then evolved into becoming a training ground for aspiring baristas and gained traction among coffee aficionados.

Slowly, ABCD established itself as a coffee-learning hub that offers barista courses from zero to cappuccino. Upon the completion of the course, ABCD graduates are equipped and set to venture out on their own paths within the coffee sphere. Instead of becoming regular baristas, thorough knowledge about coffee has led some of these graduates to become business owners and sought-after experts.

Perhaps, a familiar name heard around in Jakarta’s coffee scene is Isman Ramadhan whose apprenticeship at ABCD drove him to be the co-founder of Say Something Coffee. Then, there is Christofer Oniel who was came out champion at the 2015 Indonesia Cup Tasters, and currently assumes the role of Head Barista at the revered Bandung-based café, Two Hands Full.

Naturally, ABCD’s humble Pasar Santa booth called for an upgrade to accommodate the growing demand for trained baristas. With new facilities that did not spare any expense, ABCD launches its new school in Cikini where it features a thorough learning experience into the vast world of coffee.

The new ABCD School of Coffee is designed to optimise learning where the majority of the chambers are equipped with the ideal room temperature, air pressure, water quality, and lighting that meets the international standards set by World Coffee Events, the largest global coffee association. With on-ground facilities like roasting machines, a brewing room, a cupping lab, and a room-full of espresso machines, enrolled students may sharpen their skills through the classes offered.

Impressively enough, ABCD’s cupping lab is certainly a high-end and unique facility found in Jakarta, and – dare to say – the archipelago. Take for instance, the activity of “cupping”, which in coffee lingo refers to the practice of sampling coffee in order to note its aromas and tastes to ultimately grade the coffee. It is one of the professional practices that demand the senses, and ABCD’s cupping lab is equipped with red lights that will disorient the students’ visual perception of colour with the purpose of heightening the palate. This, in turn, will train them to grade the coffee impartially by relying only on their ability to taste and smell.

With cutting-edge facilities, the school provides various courses that are enough to fill you in, whether you’re aiming to become a barista or simply want to know how to brew coffee with the right method at home. Expect an extensive list of classes from the theory-based Appreciation Class to the hands-on Brewing Class and Espresso-making Class.

However, if you wanted more than just a one-off class and keen to take your love of coffee even further, the school offers apprenticeship through their comprehensive camp. Running for 12 hours that are spread over three days, students will be taught theories as well as practical knowledge on coffee for those who aspire to establish and run their own coffee shop.

It may be easy to write off a profession and expertise within the coffee scene, due to its ingrained role in our daily lives. But in the end, a good cup of joe doesn’t lie: behind the caffeine boost, making the delicious elixir requires prowess that can do the value of coffee some justice. In this matter, ABCD School of Coffee has certainly contributed plenty to accomplish that goal.



ABCD School of Coffee

Jl. RP. Soeroso No.22, Cikini, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat, 10330