A Taste of Bend Beer

by Sharrona Valezka
15th October 2021
BEND is the next stop for enthusiasts and newcomers to explore and delve into the world of craft beers through an experience designed by a beer lover, for beer lovers in the city.

In recent years, there has been noticeable traction for crafted alcohol, and beer stands out as the to-go option in bars, coffee shops and restaurants alike. Some may even be familiar with Beervana, the craft beer distributor and force behind the local enthusiasm for the beverage, which today culminates into BEND, the latest retail venture for aficionados to convene over their shared love for beer.

Founded by Beervana’s own Aaron Grieser, BEND’s scope is three-fold: Learn, Taste, Shop. The establishment, which initially focused on home deliveries during the pandemic, expanded to a retail space slash community hub in the heart of Kemang where they’ve designed a sweeping craft beer experience that entails the sensorial learning of this crafted beverage, reeling in enthusiasts and intrigued newcomers. 

The visitors’ craft beer experience starts as they enter the tasting room. Here, BEND encourages the exploration of its wide variety of brews: from high-octane IPAs to light-bodied fruity brews sourced from craft breweries around the world. At one’s service, beer-tenders will walk you through their range of offerings by way of recounting flavour profiles or the much-preferred methodical way: draught straight from the tap.

Once you’ve made your choice, grab and shop the thirst-quencher from the displayed chiller. You’ll find their variety of brands produced by both local and international breweries, including Little Creatures from Australia, Far Yeast Brewing Company from Japan, Kura Kura’s local brews, to their newest additions of Parallel 49 from Canada. Also available are several traditional non-craft varieties, the European classicsPaulaner, Erdinger and Vedett to name a few.

With BEND, the access to craft beers also initiates a bigger appreciation for delving in. As it expands the craft beer scene, BEND holds weekly interactive workshops with a focus on ‘appreciating’ and ‘brewing’. The former serves as an introductory workshop and the latter highlights the brewing process, allowing the class to do hands-on learning while creating their own bespoke beer in the process.

Since its opening, BEND has continually shown their efforts to have craft beer as a part of a larger conversation by reconstructing the conception and appeal of the libation from a seemingly niche and extravagant item to something that is accessible to everyone.