A Plate of Pasta, Bitte!

by Sharrona Valezka
29th November 2021
Concealed amidst the hubbub of Kemang is Pasta Bitte, a petite eatery that spellbinds patrons with a carefree atmosphere suggestive of Italian trattorias and authentic homemade offerings for a hearty Italian meal.

For those in the know, the charms of humble eateries can often triumph over their upscale substitutes, and when it comes to Italian food, the appeal of handmade pasta and sauces with an affordable claim is a tough one to match. Case in point is Pasta Bitte’s (stylised as Pasta, bitte!) modest joint and their straightforward offering of classic Italian fares. Helmed by German-Indonesian couple Sebastian and Rhisa Gabereder, the establishment culminated from their shared love of culinary, travelling, and of course, homemade Italian cuisine.

Tucked in the residential area of South Kemang, the petite eatery—which sits right across the long-standing Hero supermarket—managed to capture the attention of neighbourhood residents and curious passersby. Pasta Bitte’s pocket-sized space radiates a carefree ambience with hand-painted illustrations of pasta selections displayed against the white-and-blue interior. A reminiscent of classic Italian trattorias, their outdoor seating is where both local and expat residents of the area can enjoy their meal in front of the tiny open kitchen while sneaking glimpses of handmade pasta in the making.

Every dish reflects on the humble origins of Italian food: simple, homespun and making most of the quality ingredients. For one, their gluten-free pasta is freshly made to order in the kitchen, adding a touch of gourmet to their homemade cooking. Pasta Bitte’s list of Italian fares is also fully-customisable, allowing their clientele to pair the pasta type and sauce to their liking.

For the owners, the menu selections come from a personal place. For instance, staying true to the recipe passed down within Sebastian’s family, their take on the classic Spaghetti Bolognese highlights its European roots with more flavour from strong herbs. While their signature Beef Ravioli with Pasta Bitte Sauce, tomato and cream-based sauce inspired by the Vodka sauce, is a recipe that Sebastian concocted during his studies in Germany. To match, their homemade recipes of Olive Oil Chocolate Cake and Vanilla Apple Cake are the perfect dessert choices to close the meal.

With their intimate space and bona fide homemade offerings, Pasta Bitte grounds the idea that quality Italian dishes is only one side of the equation to experiencing the delight of Italian food. A humble and homey abode steers the experience from stuffy to convivial, which is the ideal setting that any regular can count on for a hearty Italian meal at Pasta Bitte.