A Fresh Batch for BAKED.

by Dini Adanurani
28th July 2023
Bali-based BAKED. quickly settles into its new home in Kemang, attracting the neighbourhood's breakfast crowd with its popular offerings of pastries and coffee.

Within a week of its opening, Bali-hailed Baked (stylised as BAKED.) has made itself at home amidst the morning flow of the Kemang neighbourhood, bringing its roster of pastries and coffee to eager customers. 

Having worked in Indonesia’s F&B industry since 2015, the UK-born Gustav Groenendijk started Baked in its first store in Berawa around 2019 to share his passion for breakfast as a morning ritual with the community in Bali. “It’s hard to believe now, but there were not many actual bakeries [in Bali] that provided a complete breakfast experience in the right environment,” he shared. 

Envisioning a café and bakery that anchors itself to the growing lifestyle community, the business has since expanded to two other locations on the island, garnering a huge following in less than three years; the same level of enthusiasm can be felt upon the store’s opening, especially those who are already familiar with the establishment. 

From 9 am, the store brims with a buttery scent in the air, inviting a diverse set of early risers to line up in front of the brick-toned counter. From runners fresh off their round, sharp-dressed working crowds to chattering groups of friends, all eyes are drawn to the stacks of trays behind the counter filled with the day’s first batch of buns, a daily rotation from the 13 kinds of pastries on the menu. 

Visitors can choose the well-loved classics to pair with caffeinated options, like the delicate flaky layers of butter croissant to dip into a cup of oat latte, which can be purchased without any additional charge for the oat milk. One could also go for a pastry with a twist like Lemon Curd Cruffin with a dollop of torched meringue on top, which greets one’s bite with a sweet and tangy lemon curd filling.

As the morning rush receded, a sense of ease seemed to breathe into the place, especially in its open dining area. Designed in collaboration with BAKED.’s next-door neighbour, Sawdust (a curated lifestyle showroom), the space takes on a muted grayscale tone, popping out its baby blue metal chairs and jade green tables where the brunch crowds linger.

It’s easy to see Baked smoothly integrates into the neighbourhood’s routine with its quick service flow for a grab-and-go, while still providing an effortless space to stay for longer rendezvous. “The whole idea behind Baked is that wherever it’s located, it needs to play a function within the community,” stated Gustav. Perhaps, the freedom to define one’s morning ritual at Baked is what establishes the brand as a beloved community hub.