Creative Feats on 2nd Indoestri Day

by Anita Suparta
31st March 2015
Indoestri Makerspace, with its self-made spirit, opened its doors for the second time last weekend, inviting the artistic bunch to immerse themselves in the wave of local products euphoria.

On the second Indoestri Day, inspired individuals were given a closer look at this Makerspace through the free tour, talk show and mini craft activities. The Indoestri team shared their vision and proposed three different-sized projects (S, M and L) to empower Jakarta’s “Bronx”: Vestigium, which will donate shoes for students in need; Tedoeh, which hopes to turn a neglected underpass garden into a recycling center; and Pre-Fab, which tries to provide a solution for future living. These “Made in Indoestri” projects are in collaboration with

Although it was a whole-day event with a number of different activities, Pasar Indoestri and the launch of Indoestri Shop were the focal points. Many products by Indoestri and other local brands were ready to be taken home. The second level also exhibited top-notch furniture pieces. It’s almost hard to believe that the items were the fruits of labour of our fellow countrymen. They are in such high quality that they’re in a class on their own.

Indoestri has provided a positive outlet for talented individuals to reach far and beyond. And thanks to that, anyone could be the next creative maker.