Taco Local

23rd October 2020
People’s favourite taqueria, Taco Local, finds a home at Como Park in Kemang. Serving up renditions of Mexican quintessential grubs and summery refreshments, the taqueria keeps it fun and laid-back in their new crib for a simple, yet filling nosh.

The new kid on Kemang’s block is people’s favourite taqueria, Taco Local, who’s beloved for their signature servings of simple, yet wholesome tacos. The quintessential Mexican street food was brought to the scene by founders Sebastian Subakti and brothers Heru and Dito Kartowisastro in 2012 when tacos were virtually a novelty for the younger crowds in the city’s F&B. Today, local appetite for the dish goes hand-in-hand with the popularity of the eatery, who has made tacos within reach for all.

With their new home at Como Park in East Kemang, one striking difference regulars may notice is Taco Local’s departure from their original rustic look, which is evident in their now more-sleek setup. The furnishings, such as their dining tables and countertops, are draped in blue – a vibrant colour that pairs well with the eatery’s youthful aesthetics, such as their orange logo and pink neon signage that displays their maxim: purveyors of fine tacos. Decoratives like string lights and a framed mi casa su casa crochet piece embellish the space, the latter a keepsake that the taqueria has carried since their first outlet in Panglima Polim.

But let’s taco’bout the menu. Reigning favourites still go to Lengua Tacos, with fillings of the grilled tongue, crispy pork bits and salsa verde sauce, along with the Carne Asada Tacos, stuffed with chopped steak, guacamole and salsa blanca sauce, where one can have them wrapped in soft or hard shell. Other familiar Mexican fares also make up the menu, such as burrito bowls, quesadillas and tortas. Expect lively refreshments like their signature Corriander Margarita and the comeback of Mangorita (previously a sorbet), now served as a refreshing cocktail. 

For first-timers expecting authentic Mexican taste, embrace the idea that these are “our tacos”, as said by co-founder, Sebastian. But this shouldn’t make anything less, as proven by the taqueria’s growing frequenters. Be it for on-the-go or casual dining, Taco Local gets it right for a simple, yet filling nosh.