Slits Pelaspas Nipah

26th November 2021
Making up for lost times, microbar Slits reopened with a new space at Pelaspas Nipah, boasting a tidy list of neat cocktails, a new food menu and a welcoming shift to a ‘day bar’ concept.

After a year of absence in the nightlife scene and back-and-forth plans of reopening, the beloved microbar Slits wasn’t sure if there would be another chapter in their three-year journey. But with a wide-eyed awareness of the situation and fresh ideas to jolt some excitement back, Slits cautiously yet confidently returned with a new space at Pelaspas Nipah to make up for lost times.

Just like its former place in Dharmawangsa, Slits occupies the top floor of the Nipah compound. Though bigger and airier in space, the bar, which reopened mid-November, still retains its bijou charm and laid-back atmosphere, complete with a similar colour palette that has always characterised Slits’ interior so well. A fun addition to the space is a photo booth by the entrance, a definite crowd-pleaser even among non-guests.

One of the establishment’s fresh changes upon reopening is the shift to a “day bar” concept, which may puzzle those who have known Slits since its early days— after all, the bar used to be the go-to night den among bar-hoppers. But the early operation hours is one of the ways Slits is drawing in customers outside their usual patrons; on a Sunday afternoon, one can even see family crowds hanging out at the space, as they delight in the casual surroundings.

The addition of menu that focuses beyond bar bites also solidifies Slits’ intention in welcoming a bigger crowd. It boasts simple dishes like the Berry Cream Toast with chantilly cream and strawberry compote that is whipped up from the kitchen of El Sid Coffee & Sandwich, one of Pelaspas’ main tenants, or a few pizza options like the Smoked Salmon Pizza exclusively made by Pizzza Dealer

Complementing the food is the bar’s tidy list of “lowballs” and cocktails compacted from sixteen drinks to the eight most favourites; you can expect the familiar lineup of Jealous Lover (vodka with lemon tincture, amaretto and club soda) to new specials like their barrel-aged cocktails—currently on the list is the Barrel-Aged Negroni, whose lingered ingredients of Campari, vermouth and gin mulled a rather bittersweet tang.

In spirit, Slits is still very much the same since its inception: fun, low-key and communal. From music selections and vibe to crowd enthusiasm, the reopening further shows that little has changed and the new changes are welcoming extensions that will make the bar even more welcoming to all.