17th May 2021
Streetwear concept store Locus settles in ASHTA District 8, bringing a high-end retail experience through a curation of cutting-edge brands the city has yet been introduced to, for the shoppers who know their way around street fashion.

Perhaps e-commerce has the overall upper-hand in fashion retail, but in some strands of fashion, especially the high-street and luxury kind, brick-and-mortar still holds the torch. Case in point would be Locus, the concept store at ASHTA District 8 where streetwear culture is expanded through novel labels and dernier cri items in men’s streetwear. In a sleek encased store next to The Coffee Academics, their display entices the fashion-savvy who aren’t afraid to spend the extra penny for statement goods in the name of style.

Brought by Blveprint Destinations, Locus carries a selection that for the most part has not entered the local fashion scene, such as Amsterdam’s renowned Pop Trading Company, Danish clothing brand Soulland, East-meets-West influence Maharishi, surf and skate culture clothing brand Noon Goons from Southern California, as well as LA’s avantstreet lifestyle brand STAMPD, with many more yet to be brought in. In fact, Locus was even able to snatch an exclusive piece by Soulland in collaboration with Swedish graffiti artist Andre Saraiva, that’s available only in five stores worldwide. Keep an eye out for the collections they’re showcasing, because Locus has granted us access to what we normally would not have, and those in-the-know are going to pluck them off the racks in a flash.

Locus exhibits their lineup in a glass vault with monochromatic panels, ranging from shirts and outerwear to sneakers and accessories. Labelled as sophisticated streetwear, the bolder customers know how to hand-pick the curation and style their fashion in a versatile manner for all kinds of occasions. However, Locus still welcomes and advises with affability by guiding customers through the latest trends and names in streetwear. 

Beyond focusing on an elevated experience, Locus excites not only the fashion aficionados but also acts as a cultural hub that is central to paving the trend amongst passionate urbans. With Jakartans taking the bait, it’s no surprise to see streetwear fashion dominating our streets and social feeds, whereby Locus gladly sweeps in to draw you into this world with much finesse up their sleeve.