14th August 2020
A haven for local creatives and artisans, Kumulo in BSD charms comers with its unique, cloud-like compound for a one-of-a-kind shopping and mingling experience around their open-space enclave.

The ‘socially distanced’ houses at Kumulo, a new creative compound in South Tangerang, already made waves since its trial opening in July for its timely concept. And while it’s a fun shtick to use, the true meaning drifts far from this coincidence. 

Drawn from the Latin word cumulus, which means heaps of clouds, Kumulo translates this imagery to represent the dreams of creatives and artisans in the local industry with a collaborative spirit in mind. Founded by Askar and Scarlete Moniaga of kokken+, along with Paulus Hyu and wife Natasha Natalia, the lifestyle hub consists of twenty-five curated local shops that span from F&B and homeware to fashion and beauty. Through the team’s curation, each tenant comes with not only quality and unique offerings but also a strong brand identity with a story to tell. 

Next door to The Breeze BSD, Kumulo’s distinct feature rests on the irregular shapes and sizes of its grey-coloured prefabricated houses. Designed by Dua Studio, all units are built with simplicity in mind, making room for each tenant to explore their creativity over their own space. With shops spread out like neighbouring houses, the compound makes it fun for comers to hop from one store to the next, while the pet and bike-friendly landscape is another quirk for a full-rounded shopping experience.

To name a few, there’s the popular pastry slash coffee house Brood-en-Boter, tea-based soft swerve ice cream Manatea and the zero-waste bulk store Naked Inc. that has racked up their own following in the South. Should you wish to bring home a few keepsakes from your visit, local crafts like Adinegara Ceramic, curated homeware brand Fredhelligh and artisanal fashion label tentangmay-rah-kee are also in the line-up.

Lesser-known brands that easily pique the curious also take the spotlight here, like the nail spa and retail, Treat, or the all-natural skin & body treatments, Pourie. Outside the hub’s permanent ‘residents’, Kumulo also houses their own ‘Flex Space’ as a platform for other local brands who wish to enact a pop-up booth, workshops and collaborations alike. 

If there’s an outdoor shopping experience that begets a natural view and unique-looking space, then Kumulo bounds to be people’s breather away from the city. But another valuable takeaway upon visit could also be one coming home with a deep appreciation for local-made products and the desire to support them. 


Until further changes, the entrance to Kumulo is priced at IDR 50,000 per person.